To actually clean homes, you have to pay attention to all areas of your premise

Many homeowners have this bad habit of cleaning only one part of the house. This results in huge accumulation of dust in other parts which are left unattended. Just like doors, windows are also an essential part of home improvement and any onlooker would be just as pleased seeing your shiny windows as other parts. Be it any purpose like selling the house or throwing a party, your windows will be the focal point of your house. Having clean and clear windows will give your visual boost.

But unlike your regular dusting, this kind is a bit different. You have to take certain things into consideration before you want your shiny windows.

Here are the things which you should take note of:

• Don’t leave the interiors to yourself: It might seem a very profitable idea to do the interior by yourself, leaving the outside for professionals to clean but in reality, it’s not. Remember this, only professionals have the necessary tools to effectively clean them. If you are doing the inside, it will not yield the same results as professionals. So you will have your clean outside and dusty inside. Not a great sight.

• Do save it for the last: If your house is undergoing renovation or any other work, refrain from cleaning your windows until everything is finished. You will be amazed at the amount of dust that can get attracted to the rims of the panel. Ask the renovators to tape and cover the wall aperture during their work to prevent spillage from mud, paint other chemicals.

• Don’t rely on things you can’t control: Most of you take it lazy and leave it in the rain to clean their windows. OK sure, the outside will be cleaned but what about the interior? Moreover, how can you be sure when it’s going to rain?

• Do pay particular attention to water stains: Over time, moisture laden water can mark white circles on your windows. These marks are extremely hard to remove, and if you try to do it the wrong way, it can scratch your windows or scrape them.

• Don’t hang wet clothes over it: Refrain from handing your wet clothes over them for soaking. You clothes will soak, but it will leave a mark on the windows.

These are a few suggestions that you can take if you are passionate about your house and want to maintain it in the best possible manner.