Do you need inventory check for your end of tenancy cleaning London?

Did you know that on average half of checked properties for an end of tenancy cleaning fail to pass inspection. This might be due to the fact, tenants are trying to clean the property themselves believing that no special knowledge is needed for cleaning. But they are mistaken. End of Tenancy Cleaning London is a specific service that requires knowledge and experience on conducting an adequate cleaning so that it can pass inspection. Our advice is to avoid doing this heavy task yourself and appoint the help of a professional company. Not only they know what to do but can also ensure that you pass inspection. 

As a tenant you are normally required to leave a large chunk of money for a deposit and to receive all your money in full, end of tenancy cleaning is one of those services that needs to be handled with care. You will be surprised to find out how much time and knowledge is required to perform professional end of tenancy cleaning in London. You might have friend that can come over to help but still you need to know how to properly clean the oven, descale the bathroom, degrease the extractor fan, clean windows internally, skirting boards, door frames etc. Ask any cleaning company for their end of tenancy cleaning checklist and you will find out the amount of tasks required to complete professional end of tenancy cleaning service. 

We would also advise you to follow these steps when looking for a professional end of tenancy cleaning company in London. First you need to check on their reviews online, check their profile carefully to ensure that they are a professional end of tenancy cleaning company. Second, speak to the company directly and ask them adequate questions such as experience, guarantees, duration of jobs, cleaning materials used etc. Thirdly, ask for their return policy in case something goes wrong which is very common in this type of service. 

The End of Tenancy Cleaning company in London should be able to provide at least 72h return policy guarantee for your piece of mind. This guarantee simply means that the company will return should any problems occur. 

Also its worth mentioning that you need to be familiar with the carpet cleaning service as well since if you have carpets in your property you will need to clean those as well. The company should offer you professional steam cleaning of carpets which is the most powerful method for cleaning carpets. 

Ensure that they use cleaning equipment and materials from a known brand such as Prochem. A word of caution is as well that when you are searching on the internet you will find many cleaning companies offering End of Tenancy Cleaning London but note that you will need to select a professional cleaning company such as Citi Clean.