Why is an End of Tenancy Cleaning important when you move out?

For most people that are not familiar with this service an End of Tenancy Cleaning would mean a simple cleaning. However, for those with experience and knowledge of the service would know that it would involve much more than just a general cleaning. End of Tenancy Cleaning normally signifies a thorough cleaning of the whole property including: kitchen, lounge, bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and stairs. All these areas need to be properly cleaned and prepared for the next occupant to move in. 

Can you imagine the amount of work required to clean all those kitchen appliances. Arguably the oven, cooked and extractor fan would require the most attention as they are normally heavy used and greased. If you are not familiar with cleaning products that are needed for an End of Tenancy Cleaning you will struggle to clean the place properly. With the oven you will be tackling not only the grease but also the racks and on the side of the oven will be very difficult to clean. Not to mention the fact that for an End of Tenancy Cleaning you would also need to dismantle the oven door so that you can clean inside the glass.

Then it comes the cooker, which for obvious reasons is full of grease and you will definitely need some skills to get rid of all that grease. And always remember for an End of Tenancy Cleaning you need that cooker to look sparkle clean. The other very important area for the kitchen is the extractor fan. You need to be able to dismantle the filters and degrease them. 

This is only a small mention of the kitchen work required for an End of Tenancy Cleaning. Did you know that you would also need to clean on top of kitchen cabinets which will definitely have built up dust and grease from you cooking. In some instances you will need a ladder to climb those hard to reach areas and ensure you are safe to do so that you don’t hurt yourself. We would advice you to hire a professional End of Tenancy Cleaning company that would know what it takes to clean your property to high enough standard and you would surely be able to obtain your tenancy deposit in full, which would be unlikely if you decide to do it yourself.

Please remember End of Tenancy Cleaning is a specialised service. Is not a just any type of cleaning that would wipe some dust here and there. This type of cleaning service would require a lot of time and effort to get it done properly right the first time so that your landlord will be happy and the property inspector won’t give you any hassle. Hope this insight of what an End of Tenancy Cleaning service entails would shed a light of how hard this type of cleaning could be.